Outbackred Aussies raises pure bred Australian Terriers for show, performance and companion animals.  We follow the standard as set forth by the American Kennel Club, striving for the preservation of excellent health, temperament, structure & the genetics for consistency in future generations. 

AKC Official Breed Standard :


As a heritage and preservation breeder of Australian Terriers we continue this breed for the future generations to come;  Producing quality dogs for showing and also many other venues.  Aussies are capable vermin dogs both above and below ground.  They simply excel at their intended use as that smaller working Terrier!


Why did we choose Aussies?  Well we really didn't, our neighbor Renee chose for us. That tiny little shelter dog Renee  introduced  to us, changed our lives that day.  Miss Scruffie was an immediate love of our family.  Soon we were at our very first dog show at  Wisconsin State Fair Park.  Finally we found our first show dog,  CH Crestwoods Joey Outbackred, and he became our 1st foundation stud.

A few years later Mrs. Jennie Worthing  introduced herself to us, and became our trusted mentor. Jennie also did some research, and discovered our Miss Scruffie's breeder.   We learned about Thornoaks Kennels, her  breeder, so we could know her history.  Mrs. Worthing also found our Heirloom Jinnie O'Outbackred, and our kennel "Outbackred Australian Terriers" began its story.

The respect that we have for Mrs. Worthing, and her successes as a long time breeder, owner, exhibitor of the Aussie, quickly made us realize keeping the pure line of Taralee was paramount.  With only occasional, carefully planned breedings of outside genetics, the better chance you have of obtaining truly quality dogs in your own programs.  The  original breeders from Australia, understood that to keep and maintain type and consistency you must always travel back and visit the past to preserve in the future. 

Dr Woolcock of Taralee Kennels continuously bred healthy dogs and because Mrs. Worthing respected his breeding program,  used those genetics and protected that program,  the "preservation breeder" was born.  Ms. Worthing guided our choices in breeding and taught us how to find that perfect "pick" puppy.  She reminded us many times "you cannot keep them all" and if this puppy has just too many "faults", find the little one a loving home where they will make the family they love happy for many years to come.


Young Aussie on the farm!

Young Aussie on the farm!